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People depend on prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs to treat sickness and injury on an everyday basis. People may rely on them to help enhance their quality of life. However, drug companies place drugs on the market without adequate research and monitoring trials, which can lead to inaccurate information provided to patients and health care providers about the severe risks and side effects that are linked to their drugs.

Patients suffer when pharmaceutical companies attempt to cover up the possible side effects or fail to advise of the potential risks involved. Let one of our experienced attorneys help if you or a loved one have been hurt by a harmful drug. Andrus Wagstaff, PC, can work with you to ensure the drug manufacturers are held accountable.

Medical Devices, Implants & Products

When patients receive a medical device, implant or product, they hope it will improve their life in a positive type of way. Unfortunately, many patients end up experiencing unforeseen and painful side effects from these medical devices.

Let one of our experienced attorneys help if you or a loved one have been hurt or injured by a faulty device. Andrus Wagstaff, PC, can work with you to ensure the device manufacturers are held accountable.

Andrus Wagstaff, PC, is currently reviewing the following medical device lawsuits:

Hernia Mesh
IVC Filters
Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants
Transvaginal Mesh (TVM)

Consumer Products

State law provides special protections for consumers against a variety of unfair and predatory business practices. Andrus Wagstaff, PC, works vigorously to protect the rights of everyday consumers. Consumer cases can encompass a variety of unfair, deceptive and harmful business practices; including deceiving consumer credit lending practices, abusive mortgage lending practices, market timing violations relating to the sale of variable annuities, and business practices that threaten the environment and/or public health.

Andrus Wagstaff, PC, attorneys have successfully represented individuals and classes of individuals who have been harmed by unfair and deceptive trade practices. To report an unfair or unlawful business practice, or to request more information regarding consumer protection matters and/or current litigation, please click the following links.

Andrus Wagstaff, PC, is currently reviewing the following consumer product lawsuits:

Roundup Weed Killer
Talcum Powder

Catastrophic Personal Injury

As members of our communities, individuals and corporations are obligated to obey the law and abide by certain standards of care to insure the safety and well-being of others. When these obligations are breached and an injury results, the injured party may be entitled to compensation for physical and/or emotional injury, or for damage to property.

A catastrophic injury can necessitate a lifetime of medical care, or repeated reconstructive surgeries. Injuries that require significant medical treatment or long-term or lifetime permanent disfigurement, impairment or disability can be considered catastrophic personal injuries. Injuries this severe cause permanent disability, significant suffering, and substantially shorten an injured person’s lifespan up to and including premature death of the victim.

Sexual Crimes

Power is defined as the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of
others or the course of events. For far too long, power has been in the hands of
perpetrators of abuse. Perpetrators who not only prey on the vulnerable, but use their
power to exploit even the strongest among us. They instill fear in an attempt to keep
victims silent. And it’s been working. For a long, long time.

Every  98 seconds  someone in the United States is sexually assaulted and 99% of
the perpetrators of sexual violence walk free.

Sexual Assault

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