Duodenoscopes have been linked to deadly superbug infections (“CRE”) that resist even the strongest antibiotics and subsequently have been linked to numerous patient deaths.

Duodenoscope Investigation Underway

Duodenoscopes are a medical tool used in the treatment of gallstones, cancers, and other digestive disorders. Though they were originally considered by the medical community to be safe, there is growing evidence these devices can spread bacteria from patient to patient because of a design defect. Some hospitals even went as far as designing special sterilization rooms to allow for the proper cleaning of duodenoscopes to reduce the risk for infection. 

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Evidence Mounts as Duodenoscope Procedures Put Patients at Risk

Duodenoscopes, a tool used in the treatment of gallstones, cancer, and other disorders of the digestive system, are currently under scrutiny for their ability to spread infectious disease among patients. Because the tool cannot be properly sterilized, bacteria is spread from patient to patient during use – a fact that was not addressed in a timely manner by the FDA, device manufacturers, or the hospitals using them.

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