Lipitor and Type-2 Diabetes

In response to the concerns over the link between Lipitor and type-2 diabetes, Andrus Wagstaff PC is investigating potential lawsuits for victims.

Lipitor is a popular medication prescribed to people with a need to lower their cholesterol levels and is one of the most-prescribed medicines in history. Lipitor is the brand name for the drug, atorvastatin, which is made and sold by Pfizer. The FDA approved it in December of 1996. Despite living healthy and active lifestyles, individuals have developed type-2 diabetes after initiating a Lipitor treatment. As a result of a type-2 diabetes diagnosis, individuals find themselves undergoing regular testing of blood glucose levels, adhering to a restrictive diabetic diet and taking medication to control diabetes. Some individuals diagnosed with diabetes have found themselves at an increased risk of heart disease, blindness, neuropathy and kidney disease. Lawsuits have also claimed that Lipitor caused lasting, debilitating muscle and nerve problems—including memory loss.

In May 2014, there were more than 700 Lipitor lawsuit claims pending in federal district court. By June 2014, that number had risen to 846. It now appears that there are more than 3,000 plaintiffs making claims in this lawsuit. The lawsuits allege that the omission of details related to the risk of disease was more than a mere oversight by Pfizer. The plaintiffs accuse the manufacturer of knowing about the risk, but concealing it from the public and medical community.

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