Jury Awards Talc User $70 Million

The third in a growing number of cases filed against Johnson & Johnson – the world’s most popular talcum powder product manufacturer – just ended with a jury awarding the plaintiff more than $70 million.

Deborah Giannecchini of Modesto received $70.1 million after her 2012 diagnosis of advanced ovarian cancer she claimed was linked to her more than 45 years of use of Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder. The recent ruling was the third of its kind this year, after two additional plaintiffs received multi-million awards after making similar claims. Johnson & Johnson maintains its product is safe and plans to appeal all three of the losses.

Talc and Cancer

Evidence that use of products containing talc leads to cancer continues to grow. Talc is a naturally occurring soft mineral that is crushed into white powder. It has been used in cosmetic and personal care products for decades, and Johnson & Johnson began using it in its popular baby powder product as early as 1894.

Johnson & Johnson continues to market its products as safe and denies any link between talc and cancer, despite the thousands of lawsuits the company faces from women who developed ovarian cancer they believe is linked to their use of the products.

Juries Continue to Find in Favor of Talc Users

In addition to the Giannecchini verdict, there have been multiple awards ordered earlier in the year, including one for $72 million to the family of Jackie Fox, a woman who died of ovarian cancer after using Johnson & Johnson powder product her whole life.

The Fox award included $62 million in punitive damages, seen as an effort by the jury to punish Johnson & Johnson for disregarding the health and safety of consumers by not warning talc users of the potential link between its powder products and cancer.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using powder hygiene products containing talc, we want to know about it. These body powders are still on the market and widely used by consumers, despite the potential danger.

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